NBA: Could Kobe score 50 against the Spurs?

Question by Darth Revan: NBA: Could Kobe rating 50 versus the Spurs?
” I do not care regarding that buying champ,” Bryant said.” If I did, I would have opted for 50 (last week) in San Antonio. They were playing me straight-up in single coverage.”.

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Kobe’s greatest scoring spurt vs. the Spurs is 44 factors which came completely down in Feb. 14, 2003. The last game he’s discussing in this quote, he only scored 18 points. His lowest output is 11 points against the Spurs.

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14 Responses to NBA: Could Kobe score 50 against the Spurs?

  1. Yasuda says:

    … NOBODY in the NBA atleast can predict how well they are going to do… Honestly i doubt any body could score 50 against any team, and you are talking about KOBE scoring 50 on the #1 seed Spurs… Maybe if he goes off like what he did in 2006 against the RAPTORS, that is why you see it on Headlines of someone scoring 50, sorry but not on the spurs

  2. circus rings for james says:

    ill buy what he said, kobe even with his age is still a deadly one on one player. the 44 points you said was a tough one with bowen (one of the best perimeter defender) covering him. he only got 18 the last time he played coz he was more of a facilitator in that game and played only about 20 plus minutes

  3. lalalala says:

    And the above me guy is right, he was defended by Bowen, the premiere defender of the NBA at that time

    This tiem he was guarded by a rookie i think?
    ill buy that he only took 12 shots and was shooting over 50% plus he didnt paly the fourth

  4. Wolfpak says:

    theres no one better at having 50 point games then kobe so if said he could of scored 50 u better believe him but i dont think kobe has the stamina to have games like that anymore hes only getting older and he isnt nearly as athletic so its much tougher for him to do it at this stage of his career

  5. Expe says:

    Very, very hard. Spurs defense is mean…

  6. RocnRed9 says:

    Yes, Kobe can score 50 against spurs.. kobe has won 5 championship, and we know he is a great scorers… spurs have great defense, but if they piss off kobe. Kobe for sure can get 50 points.. kobe can score 81 points in nba game, so of course he can score 50 on the spurs. spurs got great defense, but kobe bryant has better offense… If kobe wants to score 50 pts against spurs then he will.

  7. baudkarma says:

    Yeah, he probably could. I don’t know what game he was talking about in that quote, but it doesn’t really matter. Kobe can score 50 against the Spurs. So can Durant, LeBron, or any number of other scorers. The question is, how many shots does he take to make 50 points, and how much does he take away from defense and rebounding? If Kobe shoots 18-48 and doesn’t worry about defense because he wants to score 50, then his team loses.

  8. Blake says:

    if only he shoots for 50times

  9. spence.tricky says:

    He’s capable of dropping 100 if he got every shot, but that’s now how the game works.

    I think the odds are rather slim, since the Spurs play great defense and have Manu Ginobili.

  10. David says:

    Depending if the Spurs were resting their starters or not, it would take him either two or three games. One? If he tried, the Lakers would lose by 40.

  11. Charles River says:

    If the other players on “his team” pass the BALL HOG the basketball enough times he has a shot.

  12. GrydX says:

    I really LOLed when I read that. He’ll probably need to take every shot in their every possession to score 50 on the spurs. And even if he does score 50 I’ll bet the Lakers still lose.
    You can’t play 1 on 5 against the Spurs, they’ll destroy you even if your Kobe.

  13. The SkyWalker ™ # 18 says:

    No…..Maybe back then when he was younger.

    G0t it? Go0d!!!!

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