What is the NBA draft?

Inquiry by xuni: Just what is the NBA draft?
Is it when NBA trains draft players from university and in some cases senior high school? So basically individuals who are currently playing on any sort of various other NBA teams?

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  1. Warriors (Meow?) says:

    AirWarrior: LMAO! Where was that, Uncyclopedia?

  2. Japhet11 says:

    NBA draft is an annual North American event in which the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) thirty teams (29 in the United States and one in Toronto, Canada) can select players who wish to join the league. These players usually come from the college level, but in recent drafts a greater number of international and high school players have been drafted. As of the 2006 NBA Draft, high school players gain eligibility for draft selection one year after their graduating class has finished high school, but only if they also are at least 19 years of age as of the end of the calendar year of the draft.

  3. Monica says:

    An NBA draft is when the coaches draft people to the team that they have been signed to play for. It could be that the coaches draft out of college or maybe even out of high school if the student is showing a lot of potential to give the team an edge. So basically it is drafting the players to the teams. And yes people who are playing on NBA teams can get drafted into other teams as well!

    Hope this helped :-)

  4. Gene (Still Loves the Mavs) says:

    General managers draft players who have completed one year of college, or European play. So they can not draft any high school players what so ever.

  5. LEONILO A says:

    well not exactly but close
    the draft is when players from college high school AND international countries can be on an nba team
    those players don’t always stay on the team they were drafted on
    players that are drafted have to have a contract made for them with the team that drafted him OR any other team
    hope this helps

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