worst nba injury?

Wizards v/s Bucks 03/08/11

Concern by Xecutioner: worst nba injury?
i believe shaun livingston

Ideal solution:

Solution by Launcelot
I believe that girl that obtained raped by Kobe has the worst injury by the NBA.

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13 Responses to worst nba injury?

  1. do it movin' says:

    my first thought was shaun livingston too.. that was just eerie

    don’t wish that on anybody

  2. D-Will 4 Prez! says:

    I think it’s Jay Williams. He really could have been a stud in the league. It’s a shame because now he can’t even make the team.

    Also, TJ Ford’s injury was pretty bad. I didn’t think he was gonna come back. Neck/Back injuries can ruin a career

  3. Matthew A says:

    The injury to MJ’s head for trying to play baseball and letting the Rockets get two in between one of the best runs ever made by a basketball team not named Bruins or Celtics. Does anyone think that the Rockets could have beat Jordan’s Bulls those 2 years. That would have been 8 straight and if the owners of the Bulls weren’t STUPID probably more!!!

  4. sports says:

    Shaun Livingston too. I’ve never seen anything so bad on tape. Poor kid, he had a very bright future too…

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  5. xxiilynxiixx says:

    Penny Hardaway & Grant Hill.

    Ruined their all star calibur career.

  6. Otis J says:

    i would have to say Rudy Tomjanovich getting clocked in the face by Kermit Washington. Not totally basketball injury related, but happened on the basketball court during the fight. Rudy T was in a coma.

    On the Bulls beating Rockets tangent, do really think the Bulls could have just beat the Rockets that easily. People act as if Jordan handed them two championships. He was back for the playoffs during the Rockets’ second championship, and lost to Shaq and the Magic. That is the same Magic team that got SWEPT by the Rockets in the finals. Jordan being there would have made it more difficult on the Rockets, but i am not ready to concede the fact that the Bulls would have just easily won two more titles. A few sources also quoted jordan saying that he wanted nothing to do with Hakeem in the playoffs. Which was evident when the Bulls went 72-10, one of there losses was a home loss to the Houston Rockets.

  7. Art Vandelay says:

    Easily the punch that Rudy Tomjanovich took to the face.
    He almost died. The dude was leaking spinal fluid.

  8. Nick says:

    shaun livingston

  9. Big E says:

    Charles Barkley at the end of his career had a grotesque knee injury. Also anyone who was in the way the two times Chocolate Thunder Darryl Dawkins broke those backboards. They could have been severely cut from the flying glass!!!!

  10. earL says:

    i would say shaun livingston also just because of how it happened. it was just odd that no one touched him. he just landed and his knee gave out. other injuries where the player gets a lot of contact and falls awkwardly or hard are pretty bad, but you can see why it happens. livingston was all alone, dunked the ball, and when he landed his knee turned sideways. that was absoultely disgusting and terrifying.

    in an interview he said he has never watched it. if i were him i wouldn’t want to watch it either.

  11. baller4life says:

    Alonzo Mourning… did you see his cheek bone injury a while back…. that was nasty…

  12. aka_zidane says:

    Shaun Livingston and TJ Ford’s.

    I hope Shaun can comeback like TJ.

    Grant and Penny’s were bad too, they’ve never been the same after those injuries. Grant’s almost killed him.

  13. Hi says:

    At least Shaun has a chance to come back, Alan Houston’s injury made him leave the game altogether, and Grant Hill just hasn’t been the same since his ankle injury.

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